General Liability insurance” is provided free of charge and fully complies with California law and PUC regulations. Damages we are liable for will be covered in an amount not to exceed $0.60 cents per pound, per item.

Refer to:

1) Not Covered by Agile moving services “Basic Liability insurance.”

2) Items not blanketed and wrapped.

3) Jewelry, Important Documents, Cash Money etc. (These items should be secured  by customer)

4) Natural Stone, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Glass. (These items should be properly crated or boxed.)

5) Contents of boxes, unless boxes or containers are physically/ clearly damaged by our movers.

6) Items packed in Plastic Bags or Luggage.

7) Items left in appliances, Dressers, Chest of Drawers, Filing Cabinets or any other furniture or items with drawers or compartments.

8) Any Furniture constructed partially or totally with Particle Board, Chipboard or Engineered Wood.

9) The Mechanical condition of Audio, Visual, Electronic equipment or Appliances where there is no physical damage. TV's and computer screens should be boxed accordingly. Agile is not responsible for damages to unboxed TV's or unboxed computer screens. If we are requested to move these items without proper boxing, we will do so "at your own risk." No exceptions.

10) Food, Live plants or Perishable commodities.

11) Damages caused by Liquids, Flammable fuels, and Gases.

12) Open top boxes or not properly packed items, including dishware/glassware, even when packing materials are present.

13) Appliances or Electronic items where there is no physical damage.

14) Previously damaged or repaired items.

15) Pairs and Sets; Only the item damaged will be covered.

16) Missing hardware for items that were not disassembled by Agile moving services.

17) Acts of God, Arson, Terrorists, Water/Rain, Flooding, Tornado, Earthquake, Hail, and Wind.

18) Safe assembly of Baby cribs, bunk beds & other furniture needing assembly.(It is the customer's responsibility to ensure safe assembly of furniture items before trusting its structural stability.) 

19) Disconnection and Reconnection of water lines to Washers and Refrigerators. Disconnection and reconnection of gas appliances. (Before use, customer MUST ensure no leaking of the unit before using or leaving unattended. Pipes in walls are plastic and weak; if they break we do not cover these. We are not plumbers. We do not cover water damage of any kind.) 

20) We are not a full-service moving company, therefore we are not liable for cargo once it is loaded and secured.

21) We are not liable for any injuries that may occur to clients, people, kids or pets, while we are on the premises. If you choose to use our equipment, help with moving items or remain on the premises while we conduct our work, do so at your own risk.

Agile Moving Services, reserves the right to refuse service to any customer at any time or move any articles which in their sole judgment cannot be safely moved by two people in which they may determine to be dangerous or potentially harmful to themselves.

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